Minimalistic or heavy user interface: what do you prefer?

There are a ton of smartphone manufacturers out there. And while many of them take different decisions on how to combine and use hardware, there are two general software philosophies that different phone slingers adhere to.

Some deliver a light user interface, which is stingy on features and customization but offers quick orientation and snappy performance.

Others will throw a bowl of spaghetti into the feature pot, stir it good and then throw all of them at the wall. Whatever sticks makes it to be on the phone"s interface. The result is a highly-customizable and distinctly-looking software, which may or may not be bogged down a bit too much at times.

Some swear by the “pure” experience of a minimalist interface, others are bored by it and want the feature-packed “heavy reskins”. Which side are you on?

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What type of interface do you prefer? Minimalistic, simple, snappy — that does it for me! 76.86% (1717 votes) (1717 votes) Give me all the features, a theme store, and settings so deep I can get lost in them! 23.14% (517 votes) (517 votes)

2234 votes