Results: OnePlus 6 pushes some fans away, wins over others

OnePlus’ brand-new flagship was just announced yesterday — shiny and beautiful in three different finishes, a modern-looking notch on its edge-to-edge display, glass back, and top-tier hardware. It looks sleek and is sure to run super-fast as OnePlus handsets have been known to do for the past few years.

But, of course, everyone has their own taste. Some don’t trust the up-and-coming company, others are sworn to despise The Notch whenever it appears on a phone. There are plenty of reasons to like the OnePlus 6, but we are sure some will have their reasons to dislike the new “flagship killer”.

We thought we"d ask you how you feel about it. 23% of the voters were previous OnePlus fans that were turned off by the OnePlus 6, but 25% are now interested in the company while they weren"t before. A pretty even switch.

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OnePlus 6: yay or nay? Love it! (been a fan of OnePlus before) 33.12% (842 votes) (842 votes) I like it! (never cared for OnePlus before) 25.06% (637 votes) (637 votes) Nope... skip this one (been a fan of OnePlus before) 22.93% (583 votes) (583 votes) Not for me... (never cared for OnePlus before) 18.88% (480 votes) (480 votes)

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