The best tools and data are worth nothing if you don’t know how to use them.
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SEO Course for Beginners

It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about SEO. By the end of this free SEO training course, you’ll understand how to apply the basics of SEO like keyword research, on-page SEO, and link building to rank higher in search engines.

Start Couse About 14 lessons · 2 hr 0 min

Advanced Link Building

Learn how to get backlinks at scale without traditional link building tactics.

Start Couse About 14 lessons · 2 hr 0 min

How to use Ahrefs

Learn practical ways to use Ahrefs’ SEO tools and reports to improve SEO.

Start Couse About 47 lessons · 1 hr 4 min

Blogging for business

Learn how to grow your blog past 100K monthly visitors and turn thousands of your readers into paying customers.

Start Couse About 40 lessons · 4 hr 50 min

The Best of AhrefsTV

Learn SEO from a curated list of the best SEO tutorials from Ahrefs’ YouTube channel.

Start Couse About 40 lessons · 4 hr 50 min

Your instructors

Sam Oh

Sam Oh is VP of Marketing at Ahrefs. He incorporates his commitment to education and love for entrepreneurship into actionable and easy-to-digest tutorials.

Tim Soulo

Tim is the CMO at Ahrefs. But most importantly he’s the biggest fanboy and the truest evangelist of the company.

Si Quan

Si Quan (SQ for short) is a marketer at Ahrefs. He loves learning and sharing about what he’s learnt with others.

This feels like so genuinely caring and honest it’s just mind-blowing. It is probably one of the best pieces of content I’ve ever saw on digital marketing

As always, Sam Oh hits it out of the park! Great video, and great tips. Keep it going!

I have learned so many things from this video! Thank you so much Ahrefs and Sam for this amazing and value-loaded video!

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